There are endless possiblilites for Kojona Data Analysis Suite, here are some we find most interesting.

Easy Multi Axis Plotting

Multivariate plotting using as many Y axes as needed. Each axis support a different plot style.

Convenient Filtering Anywhere

Filter your data at any point in the Visualization pipeline. Allowing you to reduce the clutter and focus on what's most important.'

Advanced Statistical Information

Perform statistical analysis using Normal or Log Normal Distributions. Extract descriptive statistics, Historgrams and Distribution data.

Explore your Data

Explore your data in table form using Filtering and Sorting prior to any plotting. Import as much data as you need, but only view what's important.'

Non-Numeric Plotting

Plot non-numeric data in cross plots. Use size, color and shape to provide further insights.

Oil & Gas Well Logs views built in.

Customized features designed for Well Logs built in. Import LAS files and plot vertically on tracks.

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